2017’s Fitness Fad Forecast


With a new year comes a new list of diets, workouts, and health trends that promise to help you meet those resolutions you may already be on the verge of breaking. In terms of workout trends in particular, 2017 is shaping up to be a more active year with people leaving the traditional gym environment to embrace at-home workouts and exercise that can be done on the go with the help of smartphone apps. Let’s get a closer look at some fitness fads you can expect in the coming year:

App-Based Workouts

Who needs a gym membership when you have a smartphone in your pocket? The number of fitness apps available has exploded over the years, and many of those trending now have a high level of customization potential for any fitness level, preferred workout, and terrain. From streaming fitness classes to ride-tracking apps, you’ll see more subscription-based app services that make it easier to work out no matter where you are this year. Added bonus? Many of these apps allow you to stay accountable to your workout by sharing your results with friends.

Hybrid Workouts

Though the conventional gym may not be the workout venue of choice in 2017, fitness buffs are still heading to mixed format classes that blend high-intensity interval training, Pilates, boxing, yoga, spinning, and other high-energy workouts. In these classes, you can dedicate less time out from your day to your fitness routine, knowing you’ll be working hard during those 30 minute sessions when you are breaking a sweat.

Revamped Classics

There is still room for some old school workouts in 2017, with boxing and yoga being the standouts. Boxing gyms are making a comeback, but they offer a more welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds and skill levels. Yoga might also get a modern twist with headphone yoga classes creating a more immersive experience in large groups, where you could be surrounded by up to 100 other yoga enthusiasts.

Though the workouts may be new and tending, it’s still important to check in with your doctor before beginning any new fitness program. To keep your fitness on track as you settle in to the new year, connect with a MeMD provider for a quick consultation from anywhere you have an internet connection.

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