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“A 24-hour doctor who can actually help you is only a video call away”
Can You Visit a Doctor Without Leaving the House?
December 2016 | Download PDF
“About 15 million people say they've already received health care through telemedicine”
The Doctor Is In—On Skype
February 2016 | Download PDF
“In 2016, say "No" to mildly strenuous visits to the doctor's office with services like MeMD.”
New Year, Lazier You! How to Maximize Your Inactivity in 2016
January 2016 | Download PDF
“Video chat to diagnose urgent care situations that don’t need physical touch.”
Building a Better Doctor's Visit Through Telemedicine
Fast Company
July 2015 | Download PDF
“The option to go to the doctor’s without actually going to the doctor’s.”
You Don’t Always Have to Actually “Go” to the Doctor: Why Virtual Care...
July 2015 | Download PDF
“Busy travelers, might opt for telemedicine, for minor illnesses such as the flu.”
7 Ways to Maintain Affordable Health Care When You Are Traveling
The Street
July 2015 | Read More

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The Intersection of Technology and Marketing, In Business Magazine
February 2018
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New Arkansas Law Helps Residents Maximize Convenience of Telemedicine Services
January 2018
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MeMD Receives NCQA Certification
November 2015
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Indiana Telemedicine Pilot Program Launches
June 2015
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SHARE THE HEALTH: Free WebCam Health Checks For Local Domestic Violence Victims
October 2014
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Telemedicine and its Impact in the Health Insurer World: What Experts are Saying
July 2014
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