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Offer a benefit your employees will love.

Your employees are the greatest asset you have to your company. Protecting their health is critical in both their victories as well as yours. Telehealth improves access to care and saves your employees time – all while reducing your bottom line.


    Reduce Costs

    By offering access to telehealth services instead of going to urgent cares and the emergency room, MeMD can cut unnecessary medical costs.


    Reduce Absenteeism

    No more missing work to go to the doctor. Now patients can have a visit for minor illness during a break, after work, or in the middle of the night.


    Easily Implement

    Our service can be launched in less than two weeks no matter the size of your group. Contact us today to learn more about offering MeMD!

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How much could your company save?

From large to small, companies across the U.S. are adding telehealth services – improving access to care, while also improving their bottom line.

Find out how much your company could potentially be saving by providing MeMD as a health benefit:


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