Treatment available 24/7/365.

Deliver on-demand care to your members.

Manage increased national healthcare coverage by offering telemedicine care. Differentiate your plan and compete on the exchanges with telehealth, a great alternative to ED and urgent care visits.


    Improve Healthcare Accessibility

    Deliver round-the-clock access to quality care, while maintaining a cost-effective setting for your health system and members.


    Save Money

    Increase your membership – not your bottom line. MeMD can help you increase revenue by boosting enrollment and reducing claims costs.


    Population Management

    Ensure continuity of care throughout all aspects of the patient experience – from the moment they feel sick to the moment they feel better.

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How Telehealth Saves Money

Telemedicine not only makes healthcare more widely accessible, but also more affordable. The following estimated costs are for five of the most common reasons people visit the ER or urgent care. As can be seen – telehealth is substanitially less expensive.

Ailment Urgent Care ER MeMD
Earache $110 $400 ≤ $49.95
Sore Throat $94 $525 ≤ $49.95
Pink Eye $102 $370 ≤ $49.95
Sinusitis $112 $617 ≤ $49.95
UTI $110 $665 ≤ $49.95

+ Source: Emergency Rooms vs. Urgent Care: Differences in Services and Costs