I am out of my blood pressure pills, thyroid medications or my diabetes medications. Can MeMD issue a refill?

Blood pressure is better controlled than uncontrolled, so it is possible that we can help you on a temporary basis. Our Providers will discuss your health history and assess whether a refill is safe at this time or whether it would be prudent to see your primary care physician in person. The decision to provide a refill and the quantity is at the sole discretion of the Provider. MeMD Providers cannot start a regimen of maintenance medication, and require proof of recent prescription for all refills (e.g., photo of your most recent prescription bottle). Providers also generally cannot increase the initial dosage of a particular medication as suggested by your primary care physician. For your safety, our maximum refill policy is no more than a 90 day refill within a 6-month period. Be sure to share any information you have about your health history and condition that may help facilitate your refill (such as recent lab tests or recent blood pressure readings).

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