Differentiate your Hospital.

Start offering telehealth consultations.

We work with hospital systems around the country to implement telemedicine practices. Providers can offer follow-up consultations to discharged patients, treat MeMD patients during their down time, and even refer current patients to have e-visits.

  1. Improve Standards of Care

    Following up with patients after they have been discharged is an excellent way to maintain quality care and patient satisfaction.

  2. Risk Management

    Most phone consults are not well documented. Reduce risk by improving visit documentation.

  3. Increase Patient Volume

    Telemedicine makes it easy to connect with patients outside their normal geography, expanding your hospital’s treatment radius.

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Private-Labeled Solutions

Further increase your patient volume and differentiate yourself from other hospitals by offering telehealth consultations through a private MeMD portal:

  • We create a unique link for your website that directs patients into a private, virtual waiting room.
  • Only you will be able to initiate a consultation online with these patients.
  • Patient charts on MeMD can be integrated into your EHR system for easy access.