Telemedicine in the New Year [Infographic]

A Look Forward, a Look Back

As we enter the new year, the field of telemedicine is expanding and is projected to have market value of $27 billion by the end of 2016. Its benefits include supplemental health care for patients, consultations between specialized providers, and access to healthcare in remote areas. With the ease and accessibility of telemedicine, patient use is quickly increasing. In fact, 76% of patients prioritize access to care over having direct, human interaction with their providers. Since online services are typically available 24/7, patients are getting exactly what they are asking for! Read more about the uses and projections of telemedicine for the new year in the infographic below.


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  • Romil Raj

    Telemedicine though it seems like a relatively new concept as it has vastly developed and gained popularity in the past 6-7 years; but in reality, it has been in use in one or the other form for around 30-35 years. The earliest attempts at making telemedicine a reality were made by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) in the 1960’s when it started sending humans into space. NASA wanted to provide health care to such astronauts and hence they started working in this direction. Gradually, it became a more popular concept worldwide.