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As we all know, healthcare costs continue to increase. Many people are struggling to afford the cost of their prescription drugs. In order to offer some assistance, MeMD has joined a program powered by MedOne Healthcare Systems to offer a prescription drug discount program.

Who is Eligible to Use the Program?

Anyone may use this program to save on medication costs. There are no enrollment fees, age restrictions, or limits to the amount of times the card may be used. This program is benficial for individuals without insurance or for individuals who have insurance but cannot receive coverage for a specific prescription. The program also covers pet medications filled at a retail pharmacy.

Where Can I Get My Prescriptions Filled?

Most or all of the pharmacies in your local area participate in the program. To locate participating pharmacies, please call the MedOne business office toll free at 1-888-88-4MED1 or the MedOne/RESTAT Helpdesk toll free at 1-888-838-1016.

How Does the Plan Work?

Simply visit your local participating pharmacy when you have a new or refill prescription. Present the card, and your discounts will be calculated. All prescription medications are covered at a discounted rate. At times, the pharmacy may offer a better price than the discount card. By using the card, you will always receive the lowest available cost. One card can be used per household. The card may not be used in conjunction with an insurance program in order to discount co-payments or deductibles. Greatest savings will be realized by choosing generic medications.

Who Can I Contact for Questions?

Your local participating pharmacy can help you with questions regarding the cost of medication using the card. If you need additional information, please contact the MedOne/RESTAT Helpdesk at 1-888-838-1016 or the MedOne business office toll free at 1-888-88-4MED1.