Meet MeMD:
Healthcare Virtually Anywhere

MeMD is the best way to feel better, faster.

Now patients can quickly connect with board-certified, U.S. licensed healthcare providers for quick access to medical care.

Take a deeper look at MeMD and you’ll find a robust platform that can deliver cost-saving results.


Connected Care Made Simple.

Our technology makes it easy for patients to connect with providers on-demand for their healthcare needs.

  • Online – Our web-based platform can be quickly accessed from any desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Mobile – Our iOS app makes it possible for patients to easily request a live, face-to-face visit with a provider.

Premier Clinical Care

At MeMD we believe online healthcare should be held to the same standards as in-person care. That’s why we are dedicated to delivering first-in-class clinical care.

  • ePrescribing – When medically necessary, our providers can e-prescribe certain medications for purchase and pick-up at local participating pharmacies.
  • Care coordination – Our team of 24/7/365 Care Coordinators streamline the process of delivering medical care online.
  • Practice guidelines – Our providers have access to best practice guidelines to ensure the highest level of care is delivered.
  • Quality assurance – Provider charts are sampled and reviewed by our medical director and clinical quality team.
  • Credentialing and recredentialing – We adhere to NCQA credentialing guidelines.
  • E&M and ICD-10 coding – We can handle claims processing.
  • User experience – We track and report on patient satisfaction to ensure high-quality ehealthcare encounters.


Easy to Launch

Implementing MeMD is simple. We can quickly launch your own customized telehealth program in as little as two weeks!

Enjoy features like:

  • Visit scheduling
  • Dynamic pricing and promotions
  • Reports and analytics
  • Marketing and communications package

Ready to move your healthcare offering forward?