Quality Parameters


MeMD providers are credentialed every two years, in accordance with NCQA credentialing standards. Our credentialing process verifies the providers’ state licenses and board certifications; screens for malpractice claims; and ensures their past medical experiences are relevant in the practice of telemedicine.


The onboarding process includes a comprehensive training session and overview of how to conduct telehealth consultations with MeMD. Each provider must complete the activation process to be eligible to see patients.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Providers have access to best practice guidelines for MeMD’s most commonly treated conditions. These guidelines serve as references to ensure the highest quality of care is delivered to our patients.

Quality Assurance

A percentage of provider charts are reviewed on a consistent basis by our clinical quality team and medical director in order to maintain treatment guidelines.

Operational Support

Our team of care coordinators, clinical, and operations personnel serve to streamline the process of delivering medical care online. They triage incoming patients, monitor wait times, oversee provider availability, and serve as a point of contact for both patients and providers before, during, and after the consultation process.