Differentiate your Urgent Care

Start offering telehealth consultations

MeMD is a turnkey telehealth solution that connects patients interested in seeing a medical provider online with available providers at your urgent care clinic.


    Treat Remote Patients.

    With MeMD you can connect with patients outside your normal geography.


    Effectively use Provider Downtime.

    Slow day at the clinic? No problem! Treat and diagnose low acuity patients online during quieter shifts.


    Deliver Accessibility.

    Treat patients from their home or office during times that are convenient for them and improve loyalty to your clinic as a result.

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Stand out from the competition.

With MeMD, you’ll be able to expand your clinic’s treatment radius statewide, differentiating you from the competitors in your area and expanding your total throughput and revenue.

  • Telemedicine enables urgent care providers to treat patients in any state where they legally hold a medical license. For example, a clinic in California is able to expand their potential pool of patients to the entire state population of 37 million people, rather than the patients who live within a four mile radius of their clinic.+

+ Source: “Telemedicine’s Impact on Urgent Care: What You Need to Know.” The Journal of Urgent Care Medicine 6: 15-20.