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“I’ve got insurance and I called my doctor on a Thursday and they said I wouldn’t be able to see him until the following Wednesday. My option was to go to an urgent care office, but that costs $150 for a visit. I Googled ‘Urgent care in Albuquerque’ and this service was fourth on the list. I wondered if it was for real… I filled out the online form and within 15 to 20 minutes, I got a call from Dr. Vigil. It was like a standard office visit. He had me pressing my sinuses in different places, and he prescribed an antibiotic, which was at my pharmacy in 15 minutes. I was psyched about it, and I’ve been telling my friends about it.”
Carlos, New Mexico

“I was sitting in my bed, instead of the waiting room filled with sick people.. the doctor was amazing, kind and attentive to my needs! I got me an md!”
Darina, Arizona

“There was no waiting in a room of sick people for hours. Dr. Sun was GREAT and really helped me – I plan on using this service again!”
Nicole, California

“Wow! For a non-emergency issue on a holiday, I didn’t want to go sit at the ER or emergency clinic. I happened upon MeMD while searching online for alternatives. The reviews made me think it was worth a shot – and they were right!

Both the patient care coordinator and the doctor were friendly and knowledgeable. My total time from registering for the website to getting my care instructions was about half an hour. My RX was called in immediately and I’ll have it in hand in about an hour.

Speaking with the doctor was great. Normally I would feel a little iffy about being consulted over the phone, but he clearly knew his stuff and made me feel confident about the diagnosis and treatment plan. All this for about a third of the cost of an immediate care clinic! I’ll be raving about MeMD to my friends and family – what a great way to see a doctor!”
Lauryn, California

“First let me tell you that I am from Alberta, Canada and that I have the good fortune of spending the winter in Arizona.

My story begins on a Sunday night about 10:30 PM. I was getting ready for bed and suddenly didn’t feel quite right. By midnight I knew I was in a full blown urinary tract infection. How did I know? No women of a certain age can’t recognize those symptoms. I woke my poor husband around 1:30 in the morning and sent him off to get me cranberry juice and baking soda. By 4:00 in the morning I had the symptoms under control but obviously that doesn’t address cause. No problem I thought. I will contact my doctor back home the next morning get a prescription and all will be well. Wrong. My doctor was away and the doctor covering for him wouldn’t issue a prescription. Let’s be honest here. Canada has an excellent health care system but it has it’s flaws. The way doctors bill for their services and get paid is by seeing the patient in their office. To my mind, his refusal to provide a prescription had very little to do with patient care and a lot to do with billing.

Now what? Phone calls to friends who are also visiting in Arizona to see if they had visited a doctor. No luck. Next to the internet to try and find an Urgent Care and to try and determine if it was going to be more cost effective to go to an Urgent Care or the emergency room at a local hospital. Suddenly, there was the MeMD link. I brought up the web page and knew I had potentially stumbled onto the solution. I have to admit that I am not a techno whiz and so was initially a little intimidated with the idea of the technology component of the service. As it turned out, it couldn’t have been easier.

Kudos to whoever did the software development for the MeMD system. It was easy to use, the information that was requested from me was as thorough and pertinent as if I was in a doctors office. The call back conference worked beautifully. From the time that I submitted my request until the time that I was contacted by a doctor was less than 15 minutes. The doctor had obviously read my chart, asked questions about my condition, answered my questions and determined the appropriate course of treatment. I really felt better about the level of service I was receiving than many face to face doctor visits I have had.

The doctor asked where I want the prescription filled and within a half hour, the drug store called to say my prescription was ready.

I have to say that I was dazzled by the ease of use, the high level of efficient service and the cost effectiveness that MeMD provided.

I have been telling all of my friends about my experience with MeMD. For those of us visiting from Canada, I think MeMD provides a terrific solution for those times when you really don’t need to sit in a doctors office. When I return home, I will be contacting our provincial health minister to suggest that this is a form of health care delivery that could have a great future in Alberta.

Thanks to all at MeMD for making me feel better as quickly and cost effectively as possible.”
Joan, Alberta, Canada

“MeMD has exceeded my expectations both times I needed them. They responded immediately, diagnosed my ailment and my prescription was ready at the pharmacy within an hour. They are fast, thorough, compassionate and extremely professional. I don’t know anyone that can compete with their low price and prompt service. I would recommend them to anyone!”
Brian, Arizona

“Very good experience with MeMD! I became uninsured 1 1/2 years ago. My script for Allopurinol maintenance drug ran out several months ago. I called around Naples to see what it would take to refill the prescription. I was quoted from $411 to $168 for the standard office visit plus cost of any tests they may have mandated. I know my condition and really didn’t need any medical advice.

I found MeMD and signed up. Within a short time I was speaking with a knowledgeable Dr. who spent more time talking about the various aspects of gout than all previous Docs (most recently from a nationally known clinic) had ever done.

The Dr. wrote the script, transmitted to my local Walmart and within 1 hour and $10 script cost I was taken care of for the next 3 months!Thanks!”
Tom, Florida

“First time user and very pleased. Response to my request for a “visit” was quick and my issue was resolved with the doctor quickly. Prescription was sent to my pharmacy with no problems, even in my tiny remote town. Received follow up instructions online that I could print, including payment receipt. So convenient not missing work or driving far to the doctor for a simple issue. Great service for a reasonable price.”
Amy, Minnesota

“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your caring and wonderful service! It means so much to me to know help is just a phone call away (sounds cheesy but true!). The doctor is always so caring, sincere and professional while being thorough and comprehensive. Your support staff is likewise very considerate and eager to please. I’m more than grateful to you all!”
Heidi, Florida