Business Solutions

Escalating healthcare costs are threatening the viability of businesses, large and small. Healthcare costs are rising at twice the rate of inflation, and are expected to increase by over 9% this year alone. At the same time, over 70% of Americans do not have timely access to a primary care provider.

MeMD’s Solution

MeMD offers corporate, institutional and health plan partners a solution to the rising costs of healthcare and the limited availability of primary care providers.

  • MeMD eliminates the vast majority of family practice, urgent care, retail clinic and emergency department visits
  • When a member needs additional services, a MeMD provider directs them to the appropriate level of care
  • At a total cost of $35 per consult, MeMD is the best value for members. You split the cost of the consult with your members at a percentage which encourages utilization and saves your health benefit dollars
  • MeMD does not file insurance claims for our service
  • MeMD electronically transmits generic prescriptions to participating pharmacies

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