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Giggle Inducing Workouts

A unique exercise program may be just what you need to stay motivated. Here are a few not-so-serious workouts that prove you can burn calories AND have fun.

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Healthy fitness date bowling

Fun Fitness Dates

Over dinner and a movie? Jazz up your next date with our fun, fitness ideas. The endorphins you get from exercising can increase happiness and help you clear your mind. If you…

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sledding and winter sports for fitness

Winter Workouts

At the first sign of frost many people who happily spend most of their year hiking, jogging and biking outdoors head for the great indoors. While there is nothing wrong with this,…

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Vacation workouts

Vacation Workouts

Traveling can crush your normal workout routine – but only if you let it! There are numerous ways that you can sneak in a workout without disrupting the leisurely vacation that you…

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