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6 Reasons You Should Try Therapy Once

If you’ve had moments of stress or grief, therapy may have crossed your mind. Unfortunately, many people never act on this thought because it’s easy to talk yourself out of getting help when you feel down. Here are six reasons why you should try it just once to see how you feel.

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Filling the Gap Between EAPs and Behavioral Health Benefits

While EAPs are not designed to serve as a stand-alone option for mental health services, these plans play a role in a company’s overall emphasis on employee wellness in the workplace. If you’re looking to purchase an EAP – or are interested in providing behavioral health services for your staff –consider the following…

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Breaking the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

Although millions of Americans suffer from mental illnesses, there is still a lack of public knowledge about mental health and limited access to resources for those who need help. Fortunately May is Mental Health Month, so it’s the perfect time to break misunderstandings, cure stigma, and focus on wellbeing…

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