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nutritional care packages

Nutritional Care Packages

MeMD Guide: How to create a healthy care package Care packages can serve a valuable dual function. Not only do they provide someone in need with practical items to help them through…

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sweat for a cause - volunteer your workout

Sweat for a Cause

In no mood to face the gym? Volunteering can help you lose weight and make a difference (how’s that for motivation?). Here are a couple of way you can burn calories while…

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flue season comes early

Flu Season Comes Early

The number of states reporting widespread flu activity has doubled to eight in the past week, according to this update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Influenza, better known as…

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avoid these holiday health hazards

4 Holiday Health Hazards

Check out these top holiday health risks and what you can do to avoid them. Deep Fried Turkeys We have to admit, this sounds like it would be delicious – but aside…

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santa holiday party weight gain

Avoid Holiday Party Weight Gain

Cookies, eggnog, late-night leftover turkey sandwiches – holiday party indulgences add up to at least a pound a year, and studies suggest that you never really take it off. Try these tips…

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