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Fight allergies with yoga

Fight Allergies with Yoga

Yoga can strengthen your immune system and reduce allergy symptoms Allergy sufferers are always eager to find relief from their worst symptoms. While some treatments, like antihistamines, are obvious, others may not…

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Win a nike fuel band

Get Fit with MeMD

If you haven’t had a chance to check out our Facebook page – now is the perfect time! We are giving away a Nike+ Fuel Band to one lucky winner who likes…

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Spring training workouts

Spring Training

Dust off your sneakers and bring your workout back into the great outdoors. If you are sick of gym equipment and indoor aerobic classes then these two circuit workouts are perfect for…

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Healthy fitness date bowling

Fun Fitness Dates

Over dinner and a movie? Jazz up your next date with our fun, fitness ideas. The endorphins you get from exercising can increase happiness and help you clear your mind. If you…

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sweat for a cause - volunteer your workout

Sweat for a Cause

In no mood to face the gym? Volunteering can help you lose weight and make a difference (how’s that for motivation?). Here are a couple of way you can burn calories while…

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sledding and winter sports for fitness

Winter Workouts

At the first sign of frost many people who happily spend most of their year hiking, jogging and biking outdoors head for the great indoors. While there is nothing wrong with this,…

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ultramarathon runner cliff young

Grin and Bear It

Starting a new fitness program can be daunting, and one of the most used excuses is that you don’t have enough time. Good news though – a new study showed that even…

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Exercises for older adults

Exercises for Older Adults

You’re never too old to get moving! Exercising and physical activity should be a lifetime pursuit. For older adults who want to keep active as they age, the National Institutes of Health…

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